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Online personalised nutrition & dietetic consultations and coaching

Helping you navigate health conditions, support your well-being and improve your relationship with food through compassionate and inclusive nutrition and dietetic support.

Nutrition Counselling & Intuitive Eating

Worried about your relationship with food? Feeling overwhelmed by thoughts about food, exercise and your body? Nutrition counselling can help you break down food rules and rediscover trust in your body. Suitable for individuals looking for support with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Nutrition & Dietetic Consultations

One-off nutrition and dietetic consultations for every-day life – support your well-being and manage health conditions with evidence-based and personalised nutrition advice.

Mentoring & Supervision

Mentoring and supervision support for nutrition and dietetics students and qualified nutrition professionals.

Why online consultations?

Working together online enables you to receive nutrition support and counselling from the comfort of your own home (or wherever else you might be!). It also means that we can work together no matter where you are based within the UK. And right now, in the time of coronavirus, working online ensures that I can continue to support you in a way that feels safe.

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