Welcome to Jess Rann Nutrition

I’m an Online Dietitian specialising in disordered eating and eating disorders, working with individuals to deliver compassionate, evidence-based & inclusive nutrition counselling for all bodies.

Feeling stuck with your relationship with food? Wanting to take care of your health without rules and rigidity? Discover how to find food freedom and nourish your body and mind in a relaxed & sustainable way.

Through personalised 1-1 nutrition consultations, I help clients nourish their bodies, navigate health conditions and heal their relationships with food from a non-diet perspective.

Find peace with food and free up time & space to focus on the parts of your life that are truly fulfilling. Online nutritional assessments & consultations available in the UK.

Currently closed to new clients until Spring 2023

Nutrition Counselling & Intuitive Eating

Worried about emotional eating? Feeling overwhelmed by thoughts about food, exercise & your body? Nutrition counselling can help to break down food rules and rediscover trust in your body.

Nutrition & Dietetic Consultations

1-1 personalised consultations to help manage a health condition or find trustworthy & individualised nutrition advice.